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Welcome to the Women Building NSW Articles Section! Here, we delve into insightful discussions, expert analyses, and engaging narratives that illuminate the diverse facets of the building and construction industry.

Our articles cover various topics, including industry trends, career insights, leadership experiences, and advocacy initiatives aimed at empowering women in the construction sector.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, aspiring builder, or industry enthusiast, our articles offer valuable knowledge, inspiration, and resources to support your journey in the dynamic construction world. Join us as we explore, learn, and amplify women’s voices shaping the future of construction in New South Wales and beyond.

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Trailbrazer In Socially Conscious Construction

Omesh Jethwani, Government Projects & Programs, engages in an insightful dialogue with Tamika Smith, the Founding Director of My Bella Casa, Executive Chair of Top 100 Women, and Founder of TSR Property Solutions.

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Tackling skills shortages by empowering women to thrive

Construction Is one of the largest sectors in Australia. Our industry packs its biggest punch when it comes to the provision of full-time employment and support for small business.

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Hiring More Women Will Solve The Skills Shortages In The Construction Industry

With an increasing population comes more housing, commercial buildings, social spaces, and infrastructure. The Building and Construction Industry employs approximately 1,160,715 persons (Australian Bureau of Statistics seasonally adjusted data), accounting for 8.8 per cent of the total workforce.

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A Portal of Lady Tradies in Australia

Omesh Jethwani, Government Projects & Programs Manager in-conversation with Wendy Pinch, founder of The Lady Tradies Australia

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Time’s Up For Sexual Harrassment In The Workplace

Australian Human Rights Commission’s fourth national workplace sexual harassment survey, which outlined the findings of the Commission’s latest survey on the prevalence, nature and reporting of sexual harassment in Australia, with a focus on workplaces. The Commissioner recently spoke with Omesh Jethwani, Government Projects & Programs Manager.

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A Day In A Life Of A Building Biologist

Kelly Abeleven is a Building Biologist on a mission to “cure” the building and construction industry from Sick Building Syndrome, which has existed for decades — Omesh Jethwani, Government Projects & Programs Manager, held an exclusive interview.

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Demolishing Gender Structures

Omesh Jethwani Government Projects and Programs Manager interviewed Natalie Galea (PhD Candidate/Research Associate, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW), on the UNSW report on Gender Inequality in the Construction Industry

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Female Tradie

Omesh Jethwani, Government Projects & Programs Manager interviewed Penny Petridis, a carpenter and metal fabricator on her career journey in the building and construction industry.

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