Empowering women in construction

Navigating career advancements in construction

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the construction industry is a gateway to many career avenues for women. The once predominantly male-dominated sector now beckons women to explore and embrace roles beyond traditional stereotypes. This guide aims to illuminate the diverse opportunities available, equipping women with the tools necessary to navigate this ever-evolving field successfully.

A tailored roadmap for women

This comprehensive roadmap empowers women in construction, providing insights, strategies, and pathways to enhance their skill sets and capabilities. By taking strategic steps and engaging in specialised training, women can break barriers, challenge conventions, and carve their paths in an industry ripe for innovation and transformation.

A tailored roadmap for women

Certification courses

Enroll in specialised certification programs such as LEED for sustainability or PMP for project management. Acquiring certifications enhances expertise in specific areas and boosts credibility.

Specialised workshops

Participate in workshops on emerging technologies like BIM (Building Information Modelling) or trade-specific workshops. These workshops are invaluable for expanding skill sets and staying updated with industry trends.

Online learning platforms

Explore diverse online platforms offering courses in construction management, digital technologies, and specialised areas like estimating and scheduling. These platforms provide flexibility and accessibility to crucial learning resources.

Industry conferences

Actively engage in industry-specific conferences and seminars. These events offer exposure to the latest innovations, trends, and best practices, fostering professional growth and networking opportunities.

Networking groups

Join industry-specific networking groups or associations dedicated to women in construction. These groups provide invaluable support, mentorship opportunities, and connections within the field.

Skill-sharing sessions

Participate in skill-sharing sessions where professionals exchange knowledge and expertise. These sessions foster collaboration and offer diverse perspectives on construction practices.


Explore cross-training opportunities in various construction roles. Gaining multifaceted expertise within the industry contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of its dynamics.

Soft skills development

Prioritise the enhancement of soft skills like communication, leadership, and negotiation. These skills are integral for effective project management and fostering positive team dynamics.

Shadowing experienced professionals

Seek opportunities to shadow seasoned professionals on the job. This hands-on experience offers practical insights into different construction tasks and management styles.

Internships or apprenticeships

Engage in internships or apprenticeship programs. These immersive experiences provide practical, real-world exposure and mentorship from seasoned practitioners.

Continuous reading and research

Stay abreast of industry updates by regularly reading industry journals, research papers, and publications related to construction. Continuous learning is vital to staying relevant in this evolving field.

Mentorship programs

Seek mentorship from experienced professionals in the construction industry. Learning from their experiences can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Industry webinars

Attend industry webinars led by experts. These sessions cover diverse topics, from regulatory updates to cutting-edge technological advancements in construction.

Participation in industry projects

Volunteer for industry projects or initiatives. This involvement offers exposure to diverse challenges and invaluable problem-solving experiences.

Local community programs

Engage with local community programs related to construction, such as Habitat for Humanity. These initiatives provide hands-on experience while contributing to meaningful causes.

Lifelong learning mindset

Cultivate a mindset of continuous learning. Remaining open to new methodologies and advancements is crucial in a constantly evolving field.

Cross-industry exposure

Explore learning opportunities from related industries like architecture, engineering, or real estate development. This exposure broadens perspectives and fosters innovation.

Seek feedback

Solicit feedback from peers, supervisors, or mentors. Understanding areas for improvement is crucial for refining skills and professional growth.

Leadership training

Pursue leadership development programs tailored for the construction sector. Practical leadership skills are fundamental for managing projects and teams efficiently.

Utilise company training resources

Leverage in-house seminars, workshops, or training modules provided by employers. These resources enhance construction-related skills and contribute to professional development.

How we support

Boosting the careers of women in building & construction

Boosting the careers of women in building & construction

Providing women in the building and construction industry access to support, encouragement and advice from experienced individuals through a virtual or face-to-face mentoring relationship.

Meet the Women Building NSW Ambassadors

Meet the Women Building NSW Ambassadors

Industry leaders are passionate about changing the industry for the better by getting more women into careers in building and construction. Their personal stories and experiences show that they lead by example.

Meet the Women Building Australia Influencers

Meet the Women Building Australia Influencers

Our Women Building Australia Influencers are trades-people who understand and experience the realities of working in the industry, are immensely successful and have a great passion for building and construction.

Mentoring support for female business owners

Mentoring support for female business owners

Business coaching offers experienced mentors providing tactical support for female business operators to help them navigate key issues confronting their business.

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Mentoring support for female business owners

Mentoring support for female business owners

Business coaching offers experienced mentors providing tactical support for female business operators to help them navigate key issues confronting their business.