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Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program

A new NSW Government-funded program is directed at promoting careers in the building and construction industry for women.


The Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program will support industry initiatives that will encourage women’s participation and retention in the construction industry throughout the whole supply chain by:

  • Creating inclusive workplace cultures, including by improving employee wellbeing and supporting flexible working arrangements;
  • Increasing the number of women entering and staying in the industry, and
  • Supporting female leadership and female employees.



Master Builders NSW is participating in the program by promoting building and construction careers to women at high schools, career expos, apprenticeships, and job expos. We will be on the road for the next 12 months, presenting at schools across metropolitan and regional NSW and meeting with many career advisors, job seekers, parents, industry participants, and key stakeholders. We will be sharing positive stories directly from the worksite, highlighting the career opportunities and pathways for women in construction. As well as breaking down barriers and misconceptions that can hinder women traditionally considering a construction career.

Supporting women to enter the building industry is at the heart of what we do at Master Builders NSW. The Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program is a fantastic opportunity to encourage females to start a potential career in our industry. We aim to open up options for females who may have thought that they would like to start in construction but are still determining how to. We help them make an informed decision about entering the construction industry and creating a rewarding career.

The program will concentrate efforts in metropolitan and regional areas where there has traditionally been less focus on attracting women into the construction workforce. It will give women looking to start their working career the relevant information and level of comfort they require to consider a career in the building and construction industry. By increasing interest and breaking down barriers and misconceptions, the Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program will aim to increase the number of women entering the construction workforce.

Master Builders NSW is proud of our track record in employing and supporting female apprentices and trainees in the construction industry. Our female apprentices currently comprise 8% of all Master Builders NSW employed apprentices. We are leading the way for the promotion and employment of women in non-traditional trades. The industry recognises our achievements, key stakeholders, the government, and the public. As well as with our award-winning female apprentices. We have a track record of successfully implementing programs to encourage women into the industry.

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Book a school presentation

Book a school presentation

If you would like to book a school presentation, please email our Women in Construction Careers Pathways Officer