Blue Diamond Property Group

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1024 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park NSW, Australia,

  • New South Wales

Trading name

Blue Diamond Property Group Pty Ltd

abn number

85 601 223 803

MBA NSW member


Raquel Manning, the founder and CEO of Blue Diamond Property Group, is not just an award-winning entrepreneur but a visionary in the Australian property industry. Her unique approach to property development, particularly in the niche field of off-market sales, has earned her a strong reputation. Raquel’s innovative strategies have led to the successful acquisition and development of multi-million dollar properties across various sectors, setting new standards in the industry. She is also the creator of future suburbs, a testament to her forward-thinking mindset. Raquel’s achievements not only demonstrate her business acumen but also her commitment to female empowerment in the Property and Construction sector.

Raquel Manning is not just a successful entrepreneur, but a proud Indigenous Wiradjuri Wailwan woman. Her cultural heritage is a significant part of her identity and has greatly influenced her work. Raquel has been actively involved in various Indigenous projects, demonstrating her commitment to her community and heritage.

Raquel’s journey to success began in Western Sydney, where she grew up in a large family. She started her career in the family’s construction and plumbing business, learning the ropes and honing her business skills. However, Raquel’s ambition and drive pushed her to step out of her comfort zone and start her own ventures, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

Raquel is also the Founder and Director of Dreamtime Women Australia, another company part of the Blue Diamond Group. Raquel has achieved outstanding business results this year and was awarded the 2020 AusMumprenuers Indigenous Businesswoman Award (add more awards here, too).
For Raquel, with two booming businesses, numerous awards, and a home by the ocean, success has been hard fought for, but it is still sweet.

Raquel Manning

Founder & CEO