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EPIC - Empowering People In Construction

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EPIC (Empowering People In Construction) is at the forefront of revolutionising and reshaping the construction industry by fostering a culture of respect, equality, and well-being. Under the leadership of Angela Hucker, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience across various sectors including power, oil, gas, and infrastructure, EPIC advocates for diversity and inclusion.

Angela’s extensive background and her experience as a FIFO worker in Australia’s remote areas have shaped her commitment to challenging the status quo and advocating for significant changes that support women in construction.

EPIC is committed to empowering and uplifting women in the industry by providing comprehensive services tailored to their unique needs within construction. EPIC services include specialised coaching and mentoring, training programs and providing essential resources aimed at assisting women navigate the challenges of the construction industry, to help them achieve their professional objectives.

Driven by a passion for positive change, EPIC collaborates with industry partners to promote a healthier, more inclusive work environment to transform the industry’s culture and pave the way for a more equitable future in construction.

Angela Hucker

CEO & Founder